Best Dog Breeds for Families with Children

Choosing the right pet for your family can be a very tough decision as it affects the routine and lifestyle of everyone involved. Adopting or buying a new puppy is just like welcoming a new family member so it is vital that everyone is on the same page. Before you contact a breeder or enter an animal shelter you'll want to ensure your kids will find a friend for life while learning the responsibility of owning a pup.

Choosing the perfect pet for your family is a life-changing decision that requires everyone to be ready for the responsibility of taking care of a new "pack" member. Adopting a dog from a shelter or patiently waiting to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder will have an effect on the entire family's lifestyle as it prepares to welcome another member. The decision can become even harder to make when there are kids involved as some breeds are less suitable for life with young children who can be too lively for certain kind of dogs. This is why prospective owners should always take the time to research the type of dog they want beforehand. Consult with other pet owners, read books on the subject, reach out to an experienced vet or breeder, participate in online forums dedicated to the specific dog breed so that you can get some useful tips that may help you make the right decision. Too often do we hear stories of dogs being surrendered because the owners were unprepared or unable to take care of them in the right way. 

If you're at the stage where you're seriously thinking about the perfect pet for your family, we have some of the most popular breeds based on their reputation among families with children:

British Bulldog

Bulldogs may not be the cutest looking dogs but they are perfect for families with kids thanks to their patience even around the most active child. 

This breed is affectionate and gentle with young children, and although puppies can be quite energetic they tend to grow into quieter pets with age. British Bulldogs are famous for their loyalty and bravery: once they've bonded with you there is practically nothing that will keep them from being by your side. A further reason why this type of dog is known for being especially good around children with whom it forms a particularly strong bond.

Another great quality of the Bulldog is that it is not picky about its living arrangements: both small flats and larger houses are perfectly fine with this type of dog, as long as it gets to be around you at all times.

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Pugs are among the world's most popular breeds. Because a Pug will rarely be aggressive it is considered suitable for families with kids. In fact, if you choose a Pug as your family pet you'll soon discover how it is fond of young children as well as being sturdy enough to play with them without getting injured. 

Pugs are affectionate and will always want to be near the owner (like a "shadow"). Although they have a tendency to be lazy, you'll often see Pugs getting excited when someone initiates a game which means a child can be the perfect playmate for your pooch. 

Similarly to the British Bulldog, Pugs are not particularly fussy with their living arrangements and, thanks to their small size they'll happily live in a smaller apartment without complaining.

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Beagles are one of the cutest looking breeds of them all and always highly recommended as a family pet due to their small size, unique looks and friendly personality. Despite being extremely active and curious, a Beagle is capable of gently engaging in games with children making them a safe pet even around the very young. 

Because they are hounds, Beagles can easily get distracted by a scent they may have picked up so they need to be constantly stimulated in order to keep them focused. Although this breed doesn't really excel in obedience training, a Beagle needs to be motivated or it can get bored by the same activities: another reason why the active and inventive mind of a toddler can be the ideal entertainment. 

If like many others you have a sweet spot for Beagles, read more about this wonderful breed here.

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Golden Retriever 

Being one of the friendliest and most socially skilled breeds makes the Golden Retriever well suited to interact in any kind of situation. Despite being medium to large size dogs, Golden Retrievers are extremely patient and gentle by nature which makes them very popular among families with young kids. 

If your family enjoys being active and spending time outdoors then the Golden Retriever could be the perfect pet for you as it loves to entertain and interact with almost everyone, including other dogs. 

In case you're thinking about purchasing a Golden Retriever, check out this article where you'll find some useful tips to help you find the best breeder.

Golden Retriever, dog, puppy


The Boxer is a breed that intrigues with its looks and curious nature. Although Boxers are considered medium to large-sized dogs their intelligence makes them perfectly capable of respecting the boundaries around children. This type of dog is extremely playful and has unlimited amounts of energy which seems to be the perfect match for active kids. In fact, the Boxer is also referred to as the "Peter Pan" of the canine world as it tends to retain that genuine puppy spirit that is so enticing.

If the Boxer seems like the perfect pet for your family, you may want to read this article that has some advice on how to get ready to welcome your new furry friend. 

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