Choosing the Right Collar for your Dog

When you purchase or adopt a new dog you may be overwhelmed with the variety of dog collars and make a mistake when choosing one for your pet. There are many styles of dog collars and the one you buy should depend on your pet’s size, training level and disposition. In this article, we provide useful information to help you pick the right kind of collar for your pooch.

Traditional Collar

Traditional dog collars come in a variety of styles, colours, and width. They are generally made in either nylon or leather. A collar should be comfortable and loose enough so that two fingers can  fit easily between it and your dog’s neck. Your pet should be able to take a breath easily and the collar shouldn’t be tight. Regularly check the size of the collar as it will need adjusting while your puppy grows. Choose a collar and lead width that matches your pet size. Smaller, lightweight choices area suitable for small dogs and puppies and wider, tougher options are ideal for bigger and stronger pets.

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Dog Harness

Dog harnesses go around your dog’s neck, shoulders and front legs. Check that your pooch is comfortable in its movements when wearing a harness. Sores and skin irritations can develop underneath a dog’s armpit if the harness is either too tight, or if your dog is having a reaction to the material it is made of. As with collars, harnesses may cause your dog to choke or gag if they fit too tight around the neck.


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Head Halter

The Head Halter can give you the best control over your dog if it has a habit of pulling you around during the walk. These collars are designed to give you control over your dog’s head and help keep its attention while preventing it from pulling. There are many brands of head halter type collars. So when your pooch begins to pull on the lead, the halter will cause your pet’s nose to be turned down and back toward you. This kind of collar causes no harm or pain to your dog and helps you be more in control.

Chain Slip/Choke Collar

The chain slip collar is also known as a choke chain. These collars are mostly used for dogs that are strong willed and extremely reactive on the walk. It is best for your dog’s well being if you avoid using a choke chain as it can cause a number of issues such as injuries to the trachea and oesophagus, nerve damage and even death. Reputable obedience training should make it unnecessary to resort to this aversive collar, however if you believe this is the best style of collar for your pooch, always consult with a professional trainer who will be able to show you the correct way to use it.

Pronged Collar

The pronged collar is also called pinch collar and it is designed to give you more control over your pet while being less likely to harm your dog than a choke chain. As for the chain slip type, good obedience training should make it unnecessary to resort to this aversive collar.

These are some of the most popular style of collars used on the billion of domestic dogs around the world. Always research the most appropriate style of collar for your pooch and learn to understand its behaviour to prevent accidents and injuries during your walks.

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Author: Marino Tilatti
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