How to Care for a Jack Russell Pup

The Jack Russell varies widely in size. They vary from 10 to 15 inches in size. The Jack Russell has a great sense of smell and tracking instinct. The Jack Russell is an intelligent dog. It is popular due to its size, good temperament and lack of health problems.

Health of Jack Russell Pup:

The Jack Russell pup normally lives from 12 to 15 years. Jack Russells are people loving pups like Pomeranian. This pup has fewer illness problems but sometime ear infection and skin diseases are found in Jack Russell pups. Positive interaction is very important with other dogs.

Diet of Jack:

Proper feeding is important for your dog. Puppies need a great meal to grow, mature but sometimes they become overweight if proper care is not taken to give them the right diet. If you want to make your dog healthy a proper diet is very important, with the right nutrients and calories. The Jack Russell pup needs real meat.


Proper exercise can extend the life of Jack Russell pup. You should take your puppy for a daily walk to make him active. At least one walk in a day is very important. You can do many activities with your puppy like playing with a ball and running to make him healthy and active.

Playing Jack Pup

Jack Russell


To keep your Pup healthy, you should provide proper grooming. Proper care of his coat, eyes, ears and teeth is very important. It helps your dog keep free from illness. It is also a good idea to encourage the friendly nature with your puppy.  Bathing, brushing their teeth with toothbrush, proper nail care and nose care are important in his daily routine.


The Jack Russell is a unique dog. Jack Russells are high maintenance dog. They require lots of exercise. They are fearless dogs. They are excitable and sometimes extremely noisy.


Plenty of exercise is the first step to make him healthy and fit all the time.  Playing an active game with a pup is also very important. Use the correct shampoo for your dog. These dogs are very quick learners. Jack Russells are very loyal dogs. Treat them with love.


Obedience training is very important in Jack Russell dogs. They need attention and the special care of the owner. They love to play with their family.


Weekly checkup of a Jack Russell dog is very important to keep him healthy and lifelong.  The Russell is very attractive and bold dog.

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