How to Care for a Pomeranian Pup

The Pomeranian is a breed of the spitz type. This dog is also called a toy dog because of its small size. In many countries they are also known as Zwergspitz.

Characteristics of a Pomeranian Pup:

Pomeranian Pups are mostly black, brown or white in colour. They have a thick and double coat. The outer coat is long, straight and harsh in texture while the  inner coat is smooth and soft.


They are a little dog and the weight of this dog is (1.9 to 3.5kg) and the height is (13 to 28cm). They area very cute dog with highly plumed tail set high and flat. The life span of this dog is 12 to 16 years.


They are intelligent dogs and are typically a friendly and playful dog. They are often aggressive to other dogs. They are always an alert and aware dog. As they are always alert dog they bark a lot in reaction to outside noise. They respond well to training. They enjoy the attention of their owners.


Firstly understand your dog food needs. They need proper nutrition to grow. They need a good diet to maintain its health. Overfeeding will make it overweight. They are tiny dogs so big changes in food is not good. It is also important to include some meat in its dog food.

Pomeranian Pup

How to Care:

Proper care of your dog is very important. Proper care will ensure it has good health. Proper vet checkups are important every month. Follow the proper advice of your vet. Your love and care will make it very happy.


Proper care of your pup will make it healthy and fit. If you give your dog a proper diet it will save it from many health issues. They have the same health issues as many other dogs such as hip dysplasia etc. Teeth, eye and ear cleaning is very important to this breed to 


save it from many diseases. Problems with their knee caps and Black skin disease are other health problems that the Pomeranians is prone to.


Grooming is not a difficult task in this breed. They have a smooth coat which is tangle free. Every 2-3 months a little trimming is needed by a professional dog groomer. Don’t trim it much in hot weather. Proper bathing and brushing is also important for this dog. Cut its nails every 2-3 months.


These are tiny dogs with a large amount of energy. The proper amount of exercise is a must on a daily basis for this breed. Daily walks help to circulate the blood and keep it healthy. They love cuddling with you. Walks in a dog park help it to interact with other dogs and people. These activities help to make it happy and healthy all the time.

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