How to Care for a Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is one of the most popular breeds of them all. Siamese cats are easily recognisable thanks to their triangular shaped head and blue almond shaped eyes, large ears and muscular body. This breed is sociable, playful, intelligent and easy to train.


The Siamese cat has a dark, triangular shaped face that frames light blue, almond shaped eyes which are the most attractive and recognisable feature in the breed. Siamese its have a muscular body, long and slender tail, and smooth, shiny coat that lacks an undercoat. 


Siamese cats are generally very affectionate and intelligent, friendly towards people and quite playful. If you think owning a Siamese cat will justify leaving it alone for long periods of time, you may be surprised to learn that this breed can actually suffer from depression as it constantly seeks human interaction and the owner's attention. 


Unfortunately, this type of cat is prone to a number of genetic issues. Many Siamese cats are born with a kinked tail although breeders are working on eradicate this trait. Your cat may also very sensitive to anaesthesia, they may suffer from respiratory and gastrointestinal issues. This breed is quite sensitive to heath and much prefers living in cool places. Regular vet checkups are essential to ensure your cat is in good health.

Siamese Cat

Intelligent Cat

Exercise Requirements

As mentioned, the Siamese is a playful, attention-seeking breed so you must be prepared to spend time playing and interacting with it. Dedicate at least 15-20 minutes to playing a game with your cat every day and keep it fresh: find new toys and puzzles to keep its intelligence working. 

Grooming your Siamese cat 

This breed has a short coat and very friendly personality so grooming at home should be an easy and daily task. Brush your cat thoroughly using a gentle brush and monitor the length of its nails to prevent them from getting caught in fabric (you should clip them every 15-20 days). 

Feeding your Siamese cat

Make sure you feed your cat a balanced diet that includes the proper amount of vitamins and proteins. You may want to consult with your vet so to choose the most appropriate cat food based on the age, sensitivity and activity level of your pet. As with all pets, make sure you keep its food and water bowl clean to prevent bacteria from building up. 

General Care

The Siamese cat is a beautiful and unique breed so it is essential to care for its health. Bear in mind, this type of cat can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain so thoroughly consider your budget before choosing to buy one. 

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