How to Care for a Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is one of the most popular breeds of cat. It has a triangular shaped head and blue almond shaped eyes. The Siamese cat has large ears and a muscular body. It is a sociable, playful and intelligent cat which can be trained easily. The life span of this cat is 8-12 years.

The Appearance of the Siamese Cat:  

The Siamese cat has a dark face with eyes that are light blue which is very attractive. This cat has a long and slender tail the coat is smooth and shiny with no undercoat. It is a heat-sensitive cat and it is more active in cool places.


They are generally very affectionate and intelligent cats. They are a friendly cat and they love to play with people. They love care and attention and they get depressed if left alone in the house for long period of time.


They are prone to many genetic issues. They suffer from many health issues like being sensitive to anaesthesia. The other common issue in this cat is a kinked tail. Sometime Siamese cats are prone to respiratory problems, but this problem is mostly in young cats. They suffer from many other problems when brought to new house they may have a problem with other cats.

Siamese Cat

Intelligent Cat

Exercise for Siamese:

This cat is different from other cats. They are expensive cats, so you need enough money to proper care of this cat. They love to play so give them at least 15-20 minutes of your time to play with them daily.  Offer him different types of toys to play. They also love to play with balls. Offer your cat different types of toys and things to play with.


This cat has short coat and friendly personality so grooming is easy task. Siamese cats need a little grooming daily to stay healthy and happy. Brush your cat thoroughly weekly. Use a gentle brush. Cut your cat’s nails every 5-20 days. Proper bathing and combing is important for your Siamese cat.


Proper feeding of your cat is very important. Give your cat food according to her age. Proper nutrition with vitamins in its food is important. The Siamese cat is prone to many health issues, so proper care of its food is very important. Clean your cat’s feeding bowl on a daily basis and give it fresh water to keep healthy.

How to Care:

The Siamese cat is a beautiful cat and proper care of it is very important to keep it healthy and happy all the time. Give proper time and attention to your cat. Doing activities like playing with your cat will help it to be happy and friendly?  A proper vet checkup is also important for your cat’s health.

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