How to Care for French Bulldogs

The French bulldog is a small breed of dog. They are a very popular dog. This dogs weighs around 16 to 25 pounds. These dogs are popular in France.

Characteristics of French Bulldogs:

The French bulldogs are active, muscular dog with heavy bones. This dog has a smooth coat which is medium length. The head should be large and square. The nose of a French bulldog is extremely short The flews, the thick hanging lips of  the dog. should be thick and broad. The neck should be thick with loose skin. The leather of  the ears should be fine and soft. The foreleg should be short. The body should be short and well rounded.

The Nature:

They require close contact with humans. They require minimal exercise but at least a couple of short walks are required in a day. The French bulldog is sometimes called the “Frog Dog”. They are fun loving dogs. They have unique style of sitting that is quite interesting and unique in a dog. They are sensitive dogs and their calm nature makes them an excellent choice of dog.

How to Care:

A clean environment is very important for French bulldog puppies. Avoid hot environments and hot weather. An outside area is the better place to keep them healthy and happy. Proper care of nails, coat, eyes and ears is very important for French bulldogs.

French Bulldog


Every dog needs exercise. At least one walk daily is necessary for all dogs. They always enjoy a walk. It is good for their physical health and shape but give your dog walk early in the morning or during the evening when it is cooler. It is also recommended that you keep your dog in an air conditioned room during hot weather.


The French bulldog needs high quality dog food. They need more protein, carbohydrates and fatty acid. Cheap and low quality food doesn’t suits him because some dogs have allergies from this food. They need proper calories and nutrition that helps to maintain their weight.


About Health:

This dog has a life expectancy of from 11 to 13 years. They need fresh water and shade and they should be kept away from heat. They are mostly a quiet dog but sometimes bark at visitors. They can suffer from eye diseases, heart diseases and many others due to their short face. They also are prone to suffer from thyroid conditions therefore  they need more care than some other dogs. They are peaceful  and get along with other dogs.


They need close contacts with humans. They love to play with humans and children. They are fun loving and attractive dogs.


The French bulldog needs daily exercise and needs, and loves, to play. They suffer from eye and hip diseases. That is why they need checkup at least once in a month. Proper care and attention makes him healthy and free from diseases.

That is all about French bulldog.

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