How to Care of Persian Cats

The Persian cat is a long haired breed of cat with a round face and short muzzle. Sometime it is called a Persian longhair. It is ranked as being the 2nd most popular breed of cat.

Appearance of Persian Cats: 

She is a long-haired cat. She is known to be a quiet and sweet cat. She is medium-sized cat. The weight of this cat is 7 to 12 pounds.


As she is quiet and sweet cat she loves to play with children. She loves children. The Persian Cat prefers to live in a relaxed environment. She will bring happiness to your family. They don’t like noisy environments. She loves to play in the house with furniture and on the floor.


There are some genetic problems in this breed. Although they are a beautiful and sweet cat they are prone to many health problems. Most commonly these problems are related to their facial structure. They have  many health problems like breathing difficulty, excessive tearing, heat sensitivity and many skin issues like itching, redness and hair loss so proper health care is important for this sweet cat.


You should play with your cat daily. She requires a little amount of exercise daily. There are many toys available for your cat’s enjoyment. You have to have some toys for your cat at home. Keep your cat active all the time. Spend some time daily with your cat to make her happy and active.

Persian Cat


This cat is easy to groom because she wants to be neat and clean so grooming is not a tough task with this cat. She has long, thick and shiny coat all over the body. Eye colour is related to coat colour. She has a large round head, round eyes and a short nose with a muscular body. She has an infinite variety of coat color. She requires good brush for brushing.


She is a most gentle and friendly cat. Feed your cat daily at the same time. It’s possible to make your cat food at home. Give her proper food according to her need. Grains and vegetables are important to this cat. Consult your vet or breeder about her food. Clean the feeding bowl every day. If there is any problem with your cat eating food then consults your vet.


Proper care of your cat is very important. Proper cleaning of her eyes and ears keeps her free from infections. Proper care makes her happy and healthy all the time. Take your cat to the vet from time to time. Monthly checkups are very important for her health. Give  your cat love and attention to make her cheerful.

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