How to Choose a Great Dane Dog

The Great Dane is a large German breed of domestic dog known for its giant size. It is one of the tallest dog breeds. It is a short-haired breed with a strong figure. This dog has a long tail, and a long neck with a rectangular head. Its ears are mostly cropped. The weight of this dog is about 140 to 170 pounds in male and in females is about 110 to 140 pounds.

Characteristics of the Great Dane Breed:

Great Dane Breed is known as a “gentle breed”. This breed comes in many colours. These colours include white, blue merle and fawn mantle. This dog has a large and imposing appearance. They are loving dogs. They need proper care and exercise. We will tell you some facts about the breed in this article:

  • As they are a loving and careful dog they need proper training. They love to play with children. They need proper socialization. If this breed is not proper socialized then sometime it  becomes dangerous.
  • Great Danes requires daily exercise to maintain their health. This breed grows very fast and becomes very large so sometime they face problems. Over exercise is not beneficial when it is of a young age. They need exercise according to their age so take proper information from your trainer about their exercise plan.

Great Dane


  • They have some health problems that are common to large breeds just like Rottweiler. Sometime they suffer from less energy; they may lose their appetite and they may suffer from hip dysplasia. The life span of this breed is 6 to 8 years Sometime they reach 10 years of life.
  • As you have read the Great Dane characteristics above you are familiar with this breed nature. But when you are thinking of buying a Great Dane puppy there are many things that may come to mind.
  • If you are a new owner go through the magazines, books and read online about the breed you want to buy. Also take some advice  from a reputable vet about what kind of dog you are looking for.

  • This breed is mostly used for hunting. If you are looking a dog for hunting then then this is best breed for you. This breed is simple to groom and are of average intelligence. They are very gentle with children but it is not very safe to leave your children alone with the puppy.

  • They are secure dogs who take care of their owner. Compared to other breeds they are expensive to maintain. They need proper food and veterinary care and proper training classes. They need good socialization and because of their large size they need more of everything than other dogs.

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