Tips on Adopting a Puggle

Thinking about adopting a Puggle? Have a read through this article where you'll find tips on how to handle the adoption process.

About Puggles

The Puggle is not a purebred dog but a crossbreed created by mating a Pug with a Beagle - hence the name Puggle. An American breeder named Wallace Havens was the first to breed Puggles in the early 1980s but, since then an increased popularity means the breed has reached the status of common domestic dog. 

Puggles are small dogs that generally grow up to weigh around 15-30 lb (6-13 kg) and stand about 13-15 in tall (33-38 cm). In terms of appearance, Puggles mainly resemble a standard but less wrinkly Pug featuring a usually tan, black or fawn coat on a rather robust body. The Puggle has usually slightly longer ears compared to a Pug which is due to their Beagle genes. 

This breed is very friendly and playful with both people and other pets. In fact, Puggles are known for their curious, energetic and loving personality.

How to find a Puggle

You’ll find that there are many online groups and forums dedicated to Puggles. Sites, such as ours for instance, regularly have notices from owners advertising puppies that are available to be adopted. On websites like these not only can you find all sorts of tips and advice on choosing the right pet for you but also a wealth of information on caring for your new puppy.

Another great idea is to reach out or pay a visit to Puggle breeders. While most breeders have websites that feature photos of their latest litter and their available puppies, it will be a great help for you to visit the breeder and see the puppies in person. That way you will have the opportunity to meet the mother of the puppies and play with the puppy to gauge its personality. By meeting the dogs in person you will learn a lot about the temperament of the animal you will be inviting into your home.


Pets for Sale

Pet shops are also a good idea. Why not visit pet shops in the local area that may carry Puggle puppies? Since pet stores inventories vary quite regularly you should give the store a call beforehand to confirm whether they have any Puggle puppies. 

Why not also contact Puggle rescue foundations. These organisations are committed to rescuing unwanted animals and ensuring they find new homes with families that truly want and will care for them. These organisations are a great place to begin your search and provide a much needed service. 

Search traditional and online classified ads for pups that are available to be adopted. is one of the leading classified websites for pets. Here you can find all the information you need about registered breeders who increase the likelihood of adopting a healthy and good natured pet. You may find people who have a Puggle as their own pet which has given birth and will now have available puppies for sale or adoption

Getting Your Puggle Settled

Choosing a Puggle as a pet can be a rewarding experience, but as with any pet, owners must take this as a serious responsibility and ensure they are up for the task. Thoroughly consider the time you will have available to play and train for your new pet, your budget and your lifestyle. 

Once you commit to becoming the owner of a Puggle, you will want to begin puppy training as soon as you bring your pet home. Luckily, you’ll find that this breed responds very well to positive, reward based training as it is keen to please the owner in any way possible. 

Puggle Puppy Training

Exercise Requirements

Daily exercise is absolutely essential to Puggles as they tend to be quite lively. So if you are fairly active yourself and enjoy going for a walk or run, you’ll find this breed is absolutely perfect for you. Having a large and fenced backyard will be a bonus as your Puggle will love spending time exploring and running around in it. Otherwise, be sure to set sufficient time aside to take your pet for a walk at least twice per day as the Puggle is an energetic breed that craves regular exercise.


General Care

Brush your Puggle’s coat at least once a week to keep it smooth and shiny. Closely monitor your dog's eyes and ears and regularly brush its teeth. 

Be sure to feed your Puggle with good quality dog food that suits its level of activity, age and size. 

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