Abyssinian Cat

Also known as: Aby
  • Abyssinian Cat
  • Abyssinian cat

General description

The Abyssinian is a breed that's particularly suitable to apartment life together with its family which this cat loves to entertain with. Abyssinians are generally perfectly healthy and love to play with children without requiring special attentions in relation to their coat care. This breed tolerates strangers very well and it is able to build a balanced relationship with other pets. The Abyssinian is fond of playing and performing a variety of daily activities but, most of all it loves eating. Maintenance costs for the Abyssinian are considered within average for a cat.

Abyssinian Cat in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: fawn, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, ruddy, lilac
  • Hair: short
  • Coats: double color, tricolor

The Abyssinian is quite unique in this respect. This cat breed is equipped with quite a common shape without displaying any unique features in comparison to other cats. A feature that can't go unnoticed is the shape of the face which is well proportioned with the rest of the body but also framed by fairly large ears and wide-open, very centered and telling eyes. The muzzle is quite flat and the body standing on four legs doesn't display any irregularity with a fairly rounded rib cage that adequately follows the shape of the body.

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Costs and maintenance

An Abyssinian's food bowl will never be full enough. This breed is almost uncontrollable in this regard. Actually, food will be the largest expense you'll sustain with this breed. Conversely, there is the especially strong and perfect health conditions of this type of cat throughout its entire life span and cleanliness requirements that don't require much effort in comparison with other breeds. The Abyssinian sits on an ideally average level in regards to maintenance cost.

Maintenance cost within average

Characteristics Summary

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

A distinctive trait of the Abyssinian is its great skill in moving within the family and adapting to its lifestyle and routine. The Abyssinian is capable of displaying a great level of involvement and developing a loving kind of communication with different family members without displaying special preferences. The habit of living within the household environment has brought this breed to change its ability to understand how this space should be shared with loved ones without forgetting it during interaction with them.

Absolute affection towards family

Friendly towards children

The Abyssinian displays a great inclination in this regard. This type of cat is quite sturdy and equipped with a great self-control in certain contexts and situations. The practical inclination of a fairly curious cat enables the Abyssinian to develop a decent level of interaction with children without causing any concerns in relation to the degree or kind of interaction they wish to adopt. Abyssinians don't have a tendency to display discomfort towards children's habits and they are capable of tolerating rather loud and lively environments.

Absolutely friendly with children

Relationship with strangers

The Abyssinian doesn't have particular ambitions regarding the interaction with strangers. In this regard, the Abyssinian is still quite curious and it enjoys an exchange with unfamiliar people however it sits within average when compared to other overall behaviors. A lot can depend on the person's traits that motivate to engage in a certain type of interaction with this cat breed. The Abyssinian is very calm and tends to be intrigued by the presence of strangers in the house without exaggerating or exposing itself too much.

High level of tolerance for strangers

Friendliness towards other dogs

The ability of an Abyssinian to socialize with other pets should always be evaluated based on their features. The Abyssinian is quite a curious cat that is capable of engaging in a strong interaction with other animals. Obviously, the disposition is to favor interaction with docile pets that are capable of managing their instinct during the various encounters. The ability of the Abyssinian to interact with other pets is often regulated by their gender with a particular preference for male pets.

Utmost friendliness towards other pets

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

The Abyssinian is the typical domestic cat breed. In fact, this type of cat doesn't have a particular tendency to shed. The Abyssinian is equipped with fairly short fur which the breed is not accustomed to shed around the house, for example on couches or clothing items. Obviously, owners will need to assess the requirement of regular brushing sessions also to help reduce to a minimum any seasonal episode in this regard which by the way remains an exceptional and not regular event.

It doesn't shed excessively

Easiness to clean

Keeping an Abyssinian clean involves specific moments and certain body parts but it is not a crucial aspect during its everyday life, nothing more and nothing less in comparison to other cat breeds. The owner of an Abyssinian will take care of thoroughly inspecting the pet's ears in which a decent amount of dirt can build up. Moreover, it will be the owner's responsibility to keep an eye on the length and cleanliness of the Abyssinian's claws over a medium-long period of time, especially if the cat's routine spans between walks inside the house and outdoors.

High level of cleanliness

Health and diseases

The health level of the Abyssinian is generally strong and resistant without displaying any noteworthy issue throughout its entire lifespan. The Abyssinian is a strong cat that grows without particular issues if we exclude genetic diseases such as renal amyloidosis. However, these are issues to be dealt with at the start by locating reliable breeders who will asses the cat's level of health before beginning the mating process. A fit Abyssinian is fed with a good base of supplements to help preserve the good health of its tissues and mobility.

Abyssinians are generally in good health throughout their entire life

Tendency to gain weight

The Abyssinian is gifted with an enviable shape which this breed is capable of keeping efficiently throughout its lifespan. The feature that surprises however is the strong greediness of the breed which is capable of ingesting large quantities of food and quite quickly. This aspect can become a double issue as the Abyssinian that is fed inadequately can be subject to health issues but most of all gain weight if not exercised. Nevertheless, these are issues that occur with a fairly low frequency.

The Abyssinian has a tendency to remain fit

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

The great interactive skills of the breed proves how intelligent this cat can be and how much its curiosity and ingenuity can work together in developing an intellectual growth in the Abyssinian. In this case, the curiosity of the breed plays a fundamental role as this cat is intrigued by various activities and tends to quickly respond in a useful manner, never out of place in specific contexts. A matter linked to the Abyssinian's habit of engaging in this kind of interaction with the owner and always searching for new ways.

Maximum intelligence level

Inclination to bark or howl

In relation to the Abyssinian's tendency to meow the breed sits on ideal average levels. There are moments throughout the day that will cause the Abyssinian to seek the attention of the owner through recall. These are fairly typical circumstances with this type of cat, that is when it attempts to advise the owner it's time to eat. Being a fairly lively pet, the Abyssinian is actually capable of remaining quite calm in this respect. It will be up to the owner to understand when and how it is time to put a limit to this kind of habit.

Average tendency to meow

Exercise requirements

Tendency to play

This is actually the strong suit in the Abyssinian. In fact, on top of being a natural athlete this breed is capable of developing an articulate interactive skill when addressing playtime. This will be amongst the most rewarding activities in this regards, as the Abyssinian can develop quite a variety of activities. Many owners were in fact able to teach their Abyssinian a series of specific tasks during playtime, such as getting their cat to retrieve and fetch an object. Really amazing.

Maximum tendency to play

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