Exotic Shorthair

Also known as: Bullmastiff
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Exotic shorthair

General description

The Exotic Shorthair is fond of life with the family and sharing every moment of the day with its members. This type of cat sheds relatively little and has a good level of health throughout its entire life. The Exotic Shorthair has a very distinctive way of meowing to gain the owner's attention, especially when meal time approaches. The breed doesn't have a tendency to gain weight and it is fond of playing with both adults and kids by engaging in activities that facilitate the development of its intelligence and responsiveness. Maintenance costs are within an ideal average.

Exotic Shorthair in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: white, harlequin, silver, gold
  • Hair: thick, short
  • Coats: double color, shaded, smoked, tabby, colorpoint

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Costs and maintenance

Maintenance cost for an Exotic Shorthair are concentrated on health and care of a rather delicate coat. This breed must be brushed at least a couple of times per week and must be carefully inspected by an experienced vet that knows how to recognize various kinds of physical discomfort. Monitoring the quality and quantity of food that the Exotic Shorthair tends to consume by preventing it to access alternative sources of food is quite an easy task.

Maintenance cost within average

Characteristics Summary

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

A distinctive feature of the Exotic Shorthair is the affection for its family. The Exotic, as it is most commonly known is a breed that also develops this disposition based on the kind of interaction with the owner and family members. This is a fairly reactive breed that loves to participate in the family activities without ever avoiding them. The peculiarity is that generally this kind of inclination is much more displayed by a male Exotic Shorthair rather than a female individual.

Strong affection towards family

Friendly towards children

Even the affection that the Exotic Shorthair is capable of displaying with children is linked to specific factors that relate to people's ability in understanding that this breed's request to interact is already a sort of disposition towards an abundance of displays of affection. This kind of strategy is a practical consequence of this breed's intentions which leaves its inclination to display affection to these kinds of practical demonstrations that will inevitably connect the Exotic Shorthair to a person in quite a strong way during its growth.

Very friendly with children

Relationship with strangers

Exotic Shorthair owners will need to pay close attention to their pet in this regard. This breed is not made to live outdoors as it can develop alertness and misplaced trust in less than reliable people. Generally, the Exotic Shorthair tends to trust strangers sometimes even mistaking in this respect and therefore experiencing quite serious issues. It is best to keep this type of cat in the house and allow it to meet unfamiliar people with whom it can be very welcoming and trustworthy.

Very tolerant towards strangers

Friendliness towards other dogs

This cat breed has almost no connection with other pets. Generally, even an inexperienced owner can successfully attempt to modify this trait, for example through an early socialization but even in this regard this technique can be quite fallible. The Exotic Shorthair develops relationships that are quite complicated to endure with other pets. A kind of inclination that can become a danger in the presence of larger animals such as dogs.

Moderate friendliness towards other pets

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

Shedding is generally quite contained in the Exotic Shorthair however this feature shouldn't cause an inadequate response of the owner in this respect. In fact, in order to care for the coat of the Exotic Shorthair a good brushing is essential at least twice a week to successfully remove all dead hair. This way, owners will ensure their Exotic Shorthair will have a clean fur and won't facilitate excess shedding even during the more sensitive times.

Relatively low level of shedding

Easiness to clean

There are no particular shortfalls in relation to keeping an Exotic Shorthair clean. One must pay attention to the more common aspects relating to cleanliness, enabling the cat to keep an adequate oral hygiene and preventing the claws from growing too long, especially to avoid forcing the Exotic Shorthair to shorten them on its own with anything it finds in the house. Special attention should instead be given to this breed's eyes which are rather inclined to tearing with consequent build up of stains on the fur in the surrounding areas.

Extreme ease of cleanliness

Health and diseases

There are some specific conditions that are distinctive of some cat breeds. In relation to the health level and diseases affecting the Exotic Shorthair, this type of cat will generally deal with issues related to rather tight nostrils that don't allow for correct breathing, especially during certain times of the year. Unique for the Exotic Shorthair are also pathological conditions affecting the coat which can go through excessive moulting particularly as a consequence of skin issues like oily Seborrhea.

Average level of health and standard illnesses

Tendency to gain weight

A fairly reactive cat such as the Exotic Shorthair shouldn't cause any concern in this regard. This type of cat has a tendency to remain quite fit throughout its entire lifespan. This feature may also be connected to this breed's tendency to enjoy certain parts of the house or engaging in an overly inactive lifestyle that prevents it from maintaining a balanced amount of daily exercise although, in the end the Exotic Shorthair's appeal for family's interests allows it to engage in more interaction than what it requires to remain in good shape. The owner of an Exotic Shorthair will nonetheless need to pay attention to this cat's feeding demands. Never overdo it.

Average tendency to gain weight

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

A breed like the Exotic Shorthair is capable of engaging in diverse kinds of interaction with the owner and family members. This disposition is also linked to the range of activities and variety which people playing with this type of cat may allow it to engage in. Amongst these activities, the Exotic Shorthair will always prove itself to be curious and equipped with a unique feline intelligence made to tackle and work out various kinds of puzzles. An activity in which this breed can really surprise for its intuition and speed in linking thoughts to actions.

Great intelligence displayed during training

Inclination to bark or howl

The Exotic Shorthair's tendency to meow falls within an ideal average. The aspect that tends to differentiate the Exotic Shorthair from other breeds is its ability to produce a distinctive meow. The Exotic Shorthair has a talent for yielding a musical recall towards its necessities. This type of cat tends to meow with purpose without ever exceeding in the tone or volume. This particular trait requires more attention on behalf of the owner under certain circumstances.

Average tendency to meow

Exercise requirements

Tendency to play

Special disposition to play for the Exotic Shorthair. The Exotic Shorthair engages in this kind of activity as another way of sharing an important part of the day with the people that are part of the family. The importance an Exotic Shorthair gives to each phase of the game becomes therefore understandable. A technique that will allow to strengthen the relationship with the Exotic Shorthair and enable it to improve and refine the senses used during the game. The Exotic Shorthair loves playing with objects that may catch its attention and that most of all do not represent a risk to its wellbeing during playtime.

Maximum drive to play

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