Siberian Cat

Also known as: Siberian Forest Cat, Moscow Semi-longhair, Neva Masquerade
  • Siberian Cat
  • Siberian cat

General description

The Siberian cat is fond of family life in the company of both adults and children. The breed is capable of being welcoming with strangers, even too much in certain cases. This type of cat has fairly resistant health throughout its entire life and it doesn't require care or cleaning on a regular basis. The Siberian cat loves interacting with objects, people and other animals, and it is gifted with intellectual skills especially dedicated to interaction. Maintenance costs are within an ideal average.

Siberian Cat in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: red, fawn, sesame, white, pinto, grey, grizzle, black, blue, merle, yellowish, dark, light, pepper and salt, harlequin, apricot, silver, brown, liver, lemon, orange, charcoal, mouse, cream, chocolate, tan, cinnamon, seal, sable, gold, purple, ruddy, bronze, lilac, buckskin, sand
  • Hair: thick, long
  • Coats: double color, close fitting

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Costs and maintenance

As it regards maintenance costs for a Siberian cat the breed sits on a balanced position in relation to the various areas of expenses. This type of cat has no special dietary needs but it's important to pay maximum attention in this respect. The Siberian is gifted with quite strong health but regular checkups should never be missed. Taking care of this cat's fur can require a little extra care but nothing too extreme.

Maintenance cost within average

Characteristics Summary

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

The Siberian cat's background shouldn't discourage those searching for an affectionate kind of cat to be their pet. This breed of cat is practically perfect for family life and proves to be greatly interested in its activities. The Siberian cat is capable of returning lots of affection as well as paying attention to the family's day-to-day life. You can expect to be practically stalked within the home environment all the way to the toilette, if you happen to forget the door open. This type of cat can become necessarily inseparable in the family's daily routine.

Absolute affection towards the family

Friendly towards children

A Siberian's ability to interact with children is connected to the possibility of engaging in mutually interesting activities. This breed is fond of playing and a kid's magnetic attraction towards games can enable this type of interaction which doesn't easily fade over time. The Siberian cat is capable of developing great bonding in other circumstances as well, getting used to the presence of younger children and sharing majority of its day with them.

Absolutely friendly with children

Relationship with strangers

Based on the context, it can be quite easy to notice the Siberian's ability to adjust amongst strangers. When these are not fully integrated within the family environment, Siberians are rather inclined to show aloofness rather than distrust however, in many cases, the "winners" are this cat's curiosity and motivation to interact with people that are accepted within the family environment. This should also work as reminder to the owner of a Siberian cat which loves to move outdoors: this breed can be overly friendly towards strangers.

Absolute tolerance towards strangers

Friendliness towards other dogs

As it regards the Siberian's ability to relate with other pets on a daily basis the breed sits within average. This type of cat can show interest in animals that are smaller in size however it depends on the type of pet. Keep your Siberian cat away from fish bowls as this breed loves to play with water and anything moving within it. Early and gradual socialization with other cats or dogs can be quite useful in enabling a peaceful coexistence with them.

High level of friendliness with other pets

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

The nature of the Siberian is that of a cat with fairly long yet generally quite resistant fur. The typical seasonal events shouldn't be underestimated when owning a Siberian cat. The combination of these and the breed's fur type can have unwanted effects on couches, armchairs and delicate areas of the house. It is recommended to maintain a Siberian's coat in good conditions to avoid enabling excess shedding which can be quite annoying on clothing garments.

Average level of moulting

Easiness to clean

The typical needs of a feline must be kept into account. Including all of the specific care required for a cat's claws which can grow quite rapidly and force the pet to "resolve" the issue on its own on sofas, beds and any kind of fabric available in the house as well as on wooden furniture, doors and floors. Other than that, it is always useful to keep an eye on the level of cleanliness of a Siberian's teeth and ears and, given the fairly long fur also take care of this at least twice per week, and more often in the delicate seasons such as autumn and spring.

Very easy to keep clean

Health and diseases

A type of cat like the Siberian can only be quite resistant on a health level. The Siberian cat is not inclined to be affected by particularly aggressive diseases but those that are hard to tackle should always be assessed through a regular and targeted consultation with a trustworthy and certified veterinarian. This is especially functional in assessing a Siberian's hearth health condition which can sometimes encounter complications of some sort such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

High level of health throughout its entire lifespan

Tendency to gain weight

The breed's inclination to gain weight depends on the chance of a Siberian being motivated to move and exercise. Generally, cats are not inclined to engage in a particularly vigorous kind of interaction nor do they develop strong athletic skills, and for this reason the diet of your Siberian cat should always be closely monitored, especially to ensure that your pet is not accessing alternative food sources. Nevertheless, this type of cat maintains a decent shape throughout its entire life.

High inclination to remain fit

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

The Siberian cat has great intellectual potential which should be distributed in an action field based on interaction. This way, the Siberian can display great ability from a reactiveness and ingenuity point of view. The certain fact is that this breed doesn't hold back in front of any of the typical human activities thus it will be possible to find the Siberian watching TV shows that you enjoy or especially interested in what you're typing on your computer desktop making its intellectual abilities limitless.

Great intelligence displayed during training

Inclination to bark or howl

Meowing is a way of getting the owner's attention throughout certain times of the day for the Siberian cat. An epitome that can be applied to almost all animals and sees them becoming quite persistent with their meowing in the important moments of the day such as when meal time approaches. This is also true in other important events in a Siberian's life, for example when the owner returns after a hard day at work. A pleasant way of being greeted that proves this breed's enormous ability to love.

Average tendency to meow

Exercise requirements

Tendency to play

The moments of the day in which the Siberian displays a particular interest in playing are not many however, if pandered this type of cat is capable of showing off the great interactive skills that set it apart. The Siberian cat loves playing with objects of various size and especially with objects or animals on the move. This breed's favorite toy are fish bowls therefore if you have one at home be sure that it is not easily accessible by your Siberian pet.

Maximum drive to play

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