French Bulldog

Also known as: Frenchie, Bouledogue Fran├žais
  • French Bulldog
  • French bulldog

General description

The French Bulldog is a breed suitable for apartment life and very suitable for an inexperienced owner. This type of dog doesn't have a tolerance for extremely cold nor hot temperatures and can be quite wary of strangers. Frenchies have a good level of health throughout their entire lifespan and don't shed excessively. The level of energy of the French Bulldog is fairly low and it is quite a tame breed. The Frenchie loves to play and doesn't require excessive expenditures for its maintenance.

French Bulldog in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: fawn, white
  • Hair: thick, short
  • Coats: brindled

The French Bulldog is of a unique size which is rather diverse across the different body parts. At first glance, the main intriguing feature is the rather unbalanced positioning of the joints which give the impression that the French Bulldog is always alert or ready to take off. The torso is quite short yet very wide in the chest area and it connects perfectly with the neck which, despite being fairly short is well balanced with the rest of the body. The muzzle is also distinctive: flat and as a whole with the head which is very rounded in shape.

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Costs and maintenance

The most significant expenditure in relation to a Frenchie will relate to its physical features and health. This type of dog requires regular checkups with a very experienced veterinarian in order to thoroughly assess its health parameters. Despite a fairly short coat, Frenchies can develop decent shedding. A trait that can require regular grooming session for its wellbeing. As for the rest, we can say this breed is within average as for many other similar-sized dogs displaying these physical traits.

Maintenance cost within average

Characteristics Summary


Suitability to apartment life

The French Bulldog is the perfect breed for life in an apartment of any size. This breed doesn't require much space and is not fond of the active lifestyle entertained by other dogs that instead need a large amount of daily exercise. The nature of the breed is very tame. This unique disposition makes the French Bulldog ideal for life in apartment blocks in areas that have no private courtyard nor wide outdoors spaces.

Maximum suitability to apartment life

Tolerance for solitude

This type of dog will often seek a physical connection with the owner and family members. French Bulldogs are not exactly suitable for a solitary lifestyle because they have a reciprocal kind of temperament. This breed needs as much affection as the one it gives and such an inclination makes the French Bulldog dependent from the proximity to loved ones in order to avoid the onset of behavioral issues that can be quite hard to manage.

Low tolerance for solitude

Suitable as first pet

There are numerous criteria to take into account for a breed to be considered an ideal choice for inexperienced owners. Amongst the defining factors in the French Bulldog we find a relative tendency to a specific autonomy. Yes, Frenchies depend on the affection received from family members however this inclination is counterbalanced by a certain lack of discipline. An aspect that requires close monitoring.

Great suitability as first pet


The temperament of the French Bulldog is considered to be within an ideal average. This breed displays all of its "humanity" which can sometime go beyond a dog's emotional temperament. A feature that can be defined typical in the French Bulldog and unexpectedly fragile under certain circumstances. Referring to a technique that avoids overly harsh reprimands and which restrains from exacerbating when it fails to make the Frenchie understand a certain command can be useful when interacting with this type of dog.

Average temperament

Tolerance for cold temperatures

As far as the ability of a French Bulldog to tolerate fairly low temperatures this breed sits within average. This type of dog is quite small in size and equipped with a very short coat, and although it may develop a decent muscularity this feature does not qualify a Frenchie to tackle extremely cold temperatures. French Bulldogs are apartment pets, especially during cold winter days in weather conditions such as torrential rain, snow or wind.

Low tolerance for cold temperatures

Tolerance for high temperatures

A French Bulldog's tolerance for high temperatures is quite weak. The breed's physical features are absolutely incompatible with extremely hot weather and it must always be monitored during the day because of such specific trait. As for many breeds with these traits, the French Bulldog is penalized by its nose structure and respiratory channels which are inefficient in cooling down the air going through the lungs in excessively hot climates. A further reason to take care of your French Bulldog's health during extremely hot days.

Very low tolerance for hot temperatures

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

One of the most valued qualities of this breed is to display affection towards the family in a variety of ways and a large number of contexts. This type of dog can even become overly protective of family members and children. An inclination that makes the Frenchie a perfect master of the house and, at the same time should be reason for the owner to increase monitoring of inadequate behaviors especially around strangers.

Absolute affection towards the family

Friendly towards children

As with the rest of the family, French Bulldogs are capable of showing off their medal as masters of affection even with kids. The curiosity that this breed stimulates in children is connected to its physical features and it doesn't in any way hide everyone's tendency to simply adore a Frenchie. Nevertheless, such a mutual display of affection should never excuse owners from their duties as "guardians" during this type of interaction.

Absolutely friendly with children

Relationship with strangers

The French Bulldog is capable of developing the true skills of a perfect host. This ability includes both more welcomed and not so pleasant aspects. In this case, amongst the least pleasing traits we can count the breed's tolerance towards strangers which can be rather ambivalent depending on the context. French Bulldogs are actually capable of behaving well in unfamiliar situations such as public environments, as well as developing a certain jealousy and mistrust when it has to deal with a stranger in the house. Just like a true guard dog. However, the owner's training skills will allow to easily adjust these tendencies.

High level of tolerance for strangers

Friendliness towards other dogs

A Frenchie's inclination to develop specific mistrust towards people with whom it doesn't particularly bond nor indulge will penalize its relationship with other dogs and other animals in general. This is when the breed's well known jealousy towards the owner's proximity will intensify. The French Bulldog will generally not appreciate that the master's affection is divided between another pet and itself. Early socialization is essential to enable the Frenchie to develop cohabitation even with other members of the animal family.

Average level of friendliness towards other dogs

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

Dog breeds with a fairly short coat are best friends of apartments and pieces of furniture such as sofas, armchairs as well as clothing items. In this regard, French Bulldogs don't have any relevant issues as they don't shed much and don't go through "peaks" even during the crucial periods of the year, during those seasons in which moulting can increase. Nonetheless, this trait is not an excuse for owners to lack in a decent level of attention to grooming and regular coat care.

Low shedding

Salivation and drooling restraint level

The ability of a French Bulldog to contain drool is quite efficient and allows all those owners particularly affected by this worry to sleep at night, especially in relation to their own clothes or the main areas of the house such as living rooms and bedrooms. The Frenchie doesn't dribble in excess and it is only affected by this reaction during the key moments of the day. Nevertheless, this is a series of events that can be overlooked from both an amount and rate point of view.

Dribbling restraint within average

Easiness to clean

The level of care required by this type of dog is relatively low and not defined by irrefutable events throughout the day. Owners of a French Bulldog will need to pay attention during key moments such as right after a meal or daily walk, and in sensitive areas like the muzzle and tail. Special attention can also be given to a Frenchie's paws although there are no exceptional events in relation to this breed's cleanliness.

Very easy to clean

Health and diseases

French Bulldogs are generally capable of maintaining perfect health conditions throughout their entire life span however this feature must be in connection to regular vet checkups with an experienced professional who can thoroughly assess the potential onset of various allergies (to food, chemicals, breathing allergies etc.) or diseases such as hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. By ensuring you don't skip scheduled appointments you'll have a healthy and responsive pet for the rest of its life.

Average level of health and standard illnesses

Tendency to gain weight

The French Bulldog doesn't have special requirements from a physical point of view. This breed doesn't necessarily need an excessive amount of exercise and it doesn't spend its days chasing preys or playing. This disposition obviously represent a risk. A French Bulldog that rarely moves and eats unhealthy meals is a dog that easily gains weight. This is why owners of this type of dog must pay attention to its nutrition to ensure it maintains in good shape throughout its entire life.

Average tendency to gain weight

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

This breed requires special attention to behaviors that could develop during training and persist throughout its life span. Frenchies can sometime display a decent independence in their response to certain commands coming from their owner. In fact, this type of dog tends to interpret everything as a game even during training. Owners must be capable of enabling their Frenchie to adequately understand the context and prevent it from developing inappropriate behaviors.

High level of intelligence displayed during training

Loyalty and inclination to escape

Due to its physical features, a French Bulldog is not a breed that displays a pronounced level of activity. This translate in a distinctive calmness and estrangement to potentially risky behaviors such as escapes, for example. This type of dog is not inclined to dig around fences let alone jumping over them. A Frenchie simply loves spending its day-to-day life with family members in the home environment which it is most comfortable with.

Very loyal and not so inclined to escape

Inclination to bite

Despite its unique inclination to being a very calm and rather welcoming breed with guests who are more or less familiar, the French Bulldog has a tendency of being quite attached to the territory and it displays jealousy towards those approaching family members. Such inclination can sometime translate into over the top reactions but only in extreme circumstances. The Frenchie won't generally display this tendency in a public context nor in the private household one.

The French Bulldog has great self-control of biting

Hunt drive

Frenchies were not bred as hunting dogs. They are indeed intrigued by the presence of small pets inside or outside the house however, they won't generally engage in a strenuous chase. If you own pets like bird or small rodents it is always best to monitor the interaction between them and your Frenchie even if your dog tends to ignore any kind of relationship with them unless properly teased.

Very low hunting drive

Inclination to bark or howl

Despite the French Bulldog's inclination to develop a unique territorial skill and therefore being considered as fairly protective, this breed is not fond of resorting to howling or barking for an extended period of time. In light of its territorial nature, a French Bulldog is a great candidate as an efficient watchman of the house however it doesn't engage in excessive alerts and it therefore represents a perfect choice as a domestic pet or for life in apartment blocks.

A French Bulldog will only bark when needed

Exercise requirements

Energy level

French Bulldogs have very low energy levels which are not channeled in excessive physical activity or dangerous liveliness inside the house. We are talking about a breed that is not so inclined to engage in athletic interactions. An advantage when choosing to bring a dog in environment with delicate objects and, especially when going out for a stroll in public areas where a leash is always recommended, mainly to avoid interaction with more aggressive dogs.

Low energy levels


The physical features of the French Bulldog are quite ambivalent in this regard. This is not a breed with a towering physical build that could unleash great strength however it is structured in quite a unique way. Such well developed joints and a fairly pronounced muscularity in the legs can enable a Frenchie to develop a certain degree of strength under certain circumstances, like when it is intrigued by something and tends to pull on the leash with decent force. Nonetheless these are extreme examples that can be ignored in this respect.

Fairly low strength levels

Exercise requirements

Rather than actual exercise in relation to a French Bulldog's everyday routine, we can actually refer to a relaxed and healthy stroll. This type of dog is not equipped with an athlete's physical features and is unable to engage in large amounts of physical activity. French Bulldog owners must be able to schedule daily exercise for their pet over two walks that can be limited to simple strolls of 10-15 minutes each in order to maintain the dog's reactivity within appropriate levels.

Low exercise requirement

Tendency to play

Even though we are describing a generally relaxed and fairly calm natured breed, it is safe to state that the French Bulldog is fairly interested in various playful activities. This disposition tends to develop throughout training and can cause various issues in this specific context. Otherwise, it is essential to keep in mind that this type of dog does not have a tendency to engage in long play sessions of a dynamic and active nature.

Average inclination to play

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