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General description

The Standard Schnauzer is very suitable to apartment living which it enjoys in the company of the owner and other family members. Schnauzers will tolerate both cold and heat pretty well, and they are rather demanding as it concerns cleanliness. An exceptionally resistant breed, physically strong and powerful. Schnauzers love to play especially with kids but can't stand repetitiveness. The major expenses for your Schnauzer will relate to aesthetic care whilst health and diet cost are perfectly within range.

Schnauzer in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: black, pepper and salt
  • Hair: thick, wiry, short
  • Coats: smoked

Amongst the different types of Schnauzer (Miniature, Standard and Giant) the dimensions of the Standard are clearly those of a dog within the average of a large-sized breed although not out of the ordinary. This trait makes a Standard Schnauzer pleasing to the eye with a rather evident muscular structure and quite suited to have in an apartment, even if rather small without forcing the dog to sacrifice too much.

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Costs and maintenance

A few small flaws in this regard for this amazing dog breed. Standard Schnauzers are fairly demanding in regards to their coat's caret, dietary requirements and daily routine. On the other hand, there is no special advice as it regards this breed's general health. Schnauzers are usually in good health with no particular need other than the regular checkup concerning their joints and a few specific inspections of the eye area or sight in general. Best to consider this breed's natural greediness. A Schnauzer is **capable of eating non-stop **which is a bad habit for both your pet and wallet therefore, you're best to follow a few rules in its diet to avoid any kind of problem.

Be mindful of your Schnauzer's cleanliness but all other expenses are within average

Characteristics Summary


Suitability to apartment life

One of the unique traits in the Standard Schnauzer is the perfect adaptability to life in a unit even if this is fairly small. However, there are some important notes to be taken when deciding to share a home with a Schnauzer. In fact, this type of dog needs at least one hour of exercise every day. It is therefore advisable to consider having a more or less large backyard or living in the vicinity of a park with enough time to spend during the day to take your pet for a stretch. Other than this, Schnauzers are perfectly suitable to live in apartments.

A breed that can also be suitable for smaller apartments

Tolerance for solitude

The Standard Schnauzer is a very smart breed. Based on training, this intelligence often links to a great sensitivity from different point of views. This unique approach may bring a Schnauzer to suffer in this type of context, especially due to this breed's requirements. However, the other side of the coin is the extreme elegance and intelligence of a breed that knows how to behave even when not around family members. Generally, this is not a type of dog that particularly loves being alone.

Standard Schnauzers are not so inclined to being alone

Suitable as first pet

Always take your pet's necessities into account, especially if this is a Standard Schnauzer. This type of dog can be a pleasant life companion but also a demanding family member that requires training starting as a puppy. We must consider that Schnauzers are usually quite stubborn in the way interact. Therefore, a firm kind of training is necessary and should be developed by an owner that knows how to be the "alpha dog in the pack". This aspect may limit the training skills of a less experienced owner. A matter that shouldn't be underestimated when deciding to choose the Schnauzer breed as first pet.

Not very suitable for inexperienced owners


Standard Schnauzers are rather hardheaded. This is an extremely intelligent and mentally swift breed that yet is also considered quite independent under certain aspects. This is why in order to build a precise type of training, especially whilst guiding the interaction between a Schnauzer and the owner, the latter must become quite firm and resolute in giving those commands necessary to develop the training method. When raised with such premises, the Schnauzer can become a partner for a pleasant kind of interaction.

The Schnauzer's stubbornness tends to it quite a tolerant dog

Tolerance for cold temperatures

Standard Schnauzers are the perfect breed for any type of climate. This type of dog will never be too much in distress, even in fairly rigid weather conditions. Your Schnauzer can perfectly manage in this type of environment and doesn't require special care. Nevertheless, this kind of feature must come with an important premise: it's important to always take good care of your Schnauzer's coat, especially in cold seasons where moulting seems to be less obvious. A type of attention that will enable your pet to withstand quite cold winters.

Standard Schnauzers are perfectly comfortable in fairly chilly weather

Tolerance for high temperatures

In relation to higher temperatures, this is a breed that proves to be able to withstand these conditions with dignity and great resistance. Nevertheless, there are some considerations to be made here as the structure of a Standard Schnauzer's fur, although appearing quite thick at first sight, is normally kept quite short in the torso area to avoid having this dog work harder during the warmer seasons. A great way of ensuring this breed's agility and resistance to dirt.

The Standard Schnauzer can even tolerate higher temperatures

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

The affection that a Standard Schnauzer displays towards its family is one of the most valued qualities in this breed. Once the Schnauzer has become familiar with the owner's close acquaintances including people that are a little less around during the day, it is capable of establishing great trust which is then fully completed by this breed's ability to protect all members of what it considers the family circle. A type of behavior that clearly should never go unrewarded.

The Standard Schnauzer displays endless affection towards the family

Friendly towards children

Probably thanks to a sort of legacy that belongs to the Schnauzer, we can say that the sense of protection and attention this breed gives to the youngest members of the family - children - is second to no one in the world. This particular attention is almost born with the Schnauzer and must be nurtured through a responsible and punctual presence of the owner who should never forget that it is inadvisable to ever leave a dog alone with extremely young kids.

This breed creates an amazing friendship with children

Relationship with strangers

This is a matter of habit for a Schnauzer, as it is for many other breeds when they have to adequately interpret their own instincts in the presence of strangers, especially as a response to the owner's behavior. In this respect, there is no better type of dog than the Standard Schnauzer especially when it is time to take on situations in which it finds itself in crowded or enclosed spaces amongst unfamiliar people. This is an important aspect to take into account when choosing a Standard Schnauzer as a pet.

Tolerant if adequately accustomed

Friendliness towards other dogs

Standard Schnauzers are not considered aggressive dogs by nature when compared to other breeds. There are certain consistencies within the canine world that must always be considered when choosing a pet. This breed's level of socialization is strictly connected to the owner's level of patience in getting the pet accustomed to living with another animal. This will be harder if left for your dog's adult life, however it can also be an extremely pleasant experience when the Schnauzer acknowledges another dog as part of the family or of the owner's close acquaintances.

A Schnauzer must be exposed to coexisting with other dogs

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

It's important to clarify the needs that this type of dog has in relation to its fur, which requires some patience especially when caring for sensitive spots such as the face and paws. This particular note, should be considered when deciding the type of grooming style that may facilitate your Schnauzer. Regardless, daily care is recommended as these sensitive areas of a Standard Schnauzer could accumulate excess dirt. An issue that tends to occur quite often in Standard Schnauzers, especially after a meal.

An aspect that requires the owner's attention

Salivation and drooling restraint level

Despite being considered quite "contained" in this regard, the peculiarity of a Schnauzer doesn't really facilitate it from a salivation point of view. It's worth mentioning that situations most commonly stimulating drooling in this breed are those in which it is more prone to react as such. Drooling can become quite obvious when your Schnauzer is hungry or thirsty or even when it's interacting excitedly. All these unique traits of a Standard Schnauzer can be amplified. A certain uniqueness that requires the owner's attentions and a fairly devoted kind of care.

One of the Schnauzer's weak points

Easiness to clean

One of this breed's major needs is to be taken care of and cleaned with care almost on a daily basis. Schnauzers are dogs characterized by a peculiar fur which can shed a fair bit and, most of all needs washing and grooming with dedication. The main piles of dirt will normally appear around the face and legs of a Schnauzer and special attention should be given to its nails which grow rapidly and accumulate a decent amount of filth.

This breed must be thoroughly taken care of

Health and diseases

This type of dog is generally quite healthy. Schnauzers are not subject to particular health issues during their growth and aging, and their fairly solid build supports them in fighting the insurgence of various diseases of different nature and level of danger. A Schnauzer owner should nevertheless always be punctual in performing checkups especially in relation to potential issues such as dysplasia or diseases that may affect the eye area.

Standard Schnauzers are quite healthy, even at an older age

Tendency to gain weight

Despite a Schnauzer's more than valued ability to enjoy being indoors in front of a fireplace, this breed's everyday life is made of physical activities beyond suspicion. Standard Schnauzers are fond of outdoor life and must be kept fit through regular exercise. Weather this is running, swimming or even a game at frisbee it really doesn't matter. A Schnauzer that doesn't exercise will be a depressed and, most of all, fat dog.

A Standard Schnauzer maintains in shape through exercise

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

One of the highlights in this breed is the pleasant and unique intelligence. The Standard Schnauzer is a dog that is capable of engaging in a pleasant and involved interaction with the owner. A unique feature in the Standard Schnauzer is the amazing curiosity that pushes it to prefer new and stimulating activities rather than the routine which may be boring instead. Something to consider given this type of dog may appear quite stubborn when it is not up for repeating tasks that don't appeal to it during training sessions.

Training is an essential requirement for this breed

Loyalty and inclination to escape

We're talking about a type of dog that has proven almost unbreakable loyalty. This is a breed capable of clearly defining all the roles within the family environment. An ability that reflects in all the markers of the bond a Schnauzer will establish with the master. A relationship based on devotion which makes this breed aware of its own role and environment in which it stands, putting any idea of escaping, even if for a short time, aside.

The Standard Schnauzer is an absolutely loyal breed

Inclination to bite

Dogs are a man's best friend and there is nothing needing debate about this. This is why, seeing a pet biting someone or receiving a nip from a dog can be somewhat shocking. This particular action is linked to a dog's ability (in this case the Standard Schnauzer) to interpret the behavior of those standing in front of it. In this type of situation, a sudden move of someone interacting with your Schnauzer may have a certain consequence, although this breed tends to perfectly behave and react with understanding in any context.

Within average and only when provoked

Hunt drive

This aspect is guided and measured by a Schnauzer's natural curiosity. If you own small pets such as hamsters or squirrels, if your backyard has small-sized animals wandering around be sure they won't go unnoticed by your Standard Schnauzer. This rule also applies to young subjects of other species, such as puppies and kittens, although the Schnauzer tends to be a bit more tolerant with them which is another good example of this breed's good manners. This is a highly curious type of dog that knows how far it can push this trait.

The Standard Schnauzer is a curious dog with a natural inclination to hunt

Inclination to bark or howl

Another unique trait of the Schnauzer is to perceive the slightest movement around the house or in the backyard. This aspect can often become a "fatal mix" in connection with this breed's curiosity. When you hear a Standard Schnauzer barking it will appear as if this was a much larger dog. Schnauzers have a deep tone of voice that can be heard at great distances. This behavior must be softened through relevant training to enable your Schnauzer to only bark or howl in potentially dangerous situations where the family's safety is threatened.

Standard Schnauzers will bark to gain attention

Exercise requirements

Energy level

Standard Schnauzers are great athletes. This type of dog can withstand great physical efforts and engage in activities demanding a substantial energy expenditure. This is one of the reasons why an owner should consider a rather engaging daily physical activity for their Schnauzer pet. The lack of exercise could cause unwanted consequences, especially in the house and environments with delicate objects laying around or in rooms dedicated to daily activities with young children. A type of issue that requires an observant and constantly alert owner.

High level of energy for this athletic breed


If you don't feel completely confident in your ability to manage a medium-sized Schnauzer, you should think well about the strength of the leash you are going to purchase. A Standard Schnauzer is already quite strong in normal conditions but a Schnauzer that becomes curios is more like an engine that requires a really steady hand to keep it in place. This breed enjoys resorting to its natural strength regardless of the environment in which it finds itself so it is important to always remain alert when your Schnauzer is playing with smaller pets or children.

The Standard Schnauzer has great natural strength that requires control

Exercise requirements

Daily exercise is vital for a breed like the Standard Schnauzer. Exercise allows your Schnauzer to improve physical and mental responsiveness, release stress built up while having to remain calm and well-behaved for any reason, and keep an appropriate shape for its size. A Standard Schnauzer will need at least 60 minutes of daily exercise. Preferably without concentrating this time into a single outing but if possible, splitting up the time your pet can spend exercising.

A breed that requires daily exercise

Tendency to play

Any type of activity that requires some sort of movement is pure oxygen for your Schnauzer. This breed has an inclination to prefer play in all of its aspects. A pleasant note for those preferring the daily company of a pet and spending most of their time with it. A unique trait of the Schnauzer's fondness for playtime is that this breed doesn't particularly appreciate spending too much time on the same activity. This is a greatly intelligent type of dog with a remarkable curiosity. Try to constantly stimulate the interactive knowledge of your pet by engaging it in new and involving activities.

A Schnauzer gets bored of repetitive tasks but loves to play

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