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Labrador Wanted: Looking for Labrador jack
Published 03/01/18
Labrador Wanted in Durham
I'm looking for my Labrador jack. He was rehomed without my permission or awareness and now am searching for him. Please...
Chow Chow Wanted: Chow chow
Published 12/12/17
Chow Chow Puppy Wanted in Newcastle upon Tyne
Wanted a healthy Chow Chow puppy or adult, free to good home. or maybe a small payment, I can manage.
British Bulldog Wanted: Wanted British Bulldog puppy
Published 11/09/17
British Bulldog Puppy Wanted in Cardiff
Wanted a little healthy British Bulldog puppy or cross of this breed. Have to be vaccinated and healthy.
Boxer Dog Wanted: Boxer Dog wanted for £300
Published 09/09/17
Boxer Dog Puppy Wanted in Birmingham
Want to buy a Boxer Dog puppy, my budget is £300. Have to be vaccinated it would be great if the puppy is trained too bu...
Border Collie Wanted: Wanted Border Collie
Published 09/09/17
Border Collie Puppy Wanted in Rochdale
Looking to adopt a border collie puppy or a young adult. Not willing to spend big amount. Puppy has to be protected and ...
Setter Wanted: Male Irish Setter wanted
Published 27/08/17
Setter Wanted in Selby
I want an Irish Setter male dog between 2 to 4 years old that has not been neutered. I want to adopt or buy.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Wanted: looking for a Healthy Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy
Published 27/08/17
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy Wanted in Ipswich
Wanted | looking for a Healthy Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy. Has to be well socialized and good with kids, as I have...
Medium breed dogs Wanted: Mrs
Published 20/07/17
Medium breed dogs Wanted in Newmarket
I'm looking either to adopt or buy a dog for company for my husband please can anyone help
Greyhound Wanted: Wanted greyhound puppies
Published 05/06/17
Greyhound Puppy Wanted in Bristol
Wanted a cat friendly greyhound for an experienced owner
Basset Hound Wanted: Basset Hound to join our another Basset Hound
Published 07/05/17
Basset Hound Wanted in Windermere
Want a Basset Hound to join our another Basset Hound. Please contact me if you are looking to rehome your Basset Hound.
American Staffordshire Wanted: Stud wanted for lovely American Staffordshire
Published 28/02/17
American Staffordshire Puppy Wanted in Wythburn
Stud wanted - My beautiful dizzie is almost 2, I have had her since she was 7 weeks and she's a pretty kind dog as brou...
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Wanted: Looking for male staffy blue if possibles
Published 24/01/17
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy Wanted in Christchurch
Looking for male staffy or even shar pei. Preferable blue but open to offers
Beagle Wanted: Looking for the Small Size Male Tri Colour Beagle
Published 27/10/16
Beagle Puppy Wanted in London City
Looking for a small-size male tri-colour beagle - smaller than standard size, small legged or wallet size. Must be K.C. ...
Beagle Wanted: Beagle puppy - wanted
Published 27/10/16
Beagle Puppy Wanted in London City
We already have 5 beagle 3 girls and 2 boys, we want to buy one more Beagle boy and add him in our group. He has to be v...
Border Collie Wanted: Looking for a Female Labrador/Collie cross
Published 27/10/16
Border Collie Puppy Wanted in London City
Buying a Woman Labrador/Collie combination, puppy. Involve the dog conclusion july/august 2016 around 8-10 weeks old wit...
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