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Found 13 ads for Pets Wanted in Greater Manchester
Border Collie Wanted: Wanted Border Collie
Published 09/09/17
Border Collie Puppy Wanted in Rochdale
Looking to adopt a border collie puppy or a young adult. Not willing to spend big amount. Puppy has to be protected and ...
Cavapoo Wanted: Mrs
Published 06/12/16
Cavapoo Puppy Wanted in Manchester
I am looking for a cavapoo puppy.. in and around the oldham greater Manchester area. Preferably apricot 8 weeks old. Pri...
Fishes Wanted: Looking for some tanks
Published 06/12/16
Fishes Wanted in Bury
I'm looking for some little tank bred ones. Are there any breeders in Hide or Manchester region that'll have some access...
Betta Fish Wanted: Plecos fish wanted
Published 05/12/16
Betta Fish Wanted in Oldham
Hello I am searching for plecos for my 2 tanks please text me on 07783416409 thanks Brian.
Fishes Wanted: pond fish wanted
Published 02/12/16
Fishes Wanted in Manchester
can take in unwanted pond fish, I have a large pond can empty pond
Others Wanted: Chinchilla cage
Published 01/12/16
Others Wanted in Wigan
Wanted free, or as cheap as possible, a chinchilla cage- must be within 40 mile radius of Wigan nr Manchester or be able...
Fishes Wanted: WANTED FROG FISH!!!!!!!!!
Published 01/12/16
Fishes Wanted in Manchester
Really desperate for a frog fish!!!
French Bulldog Wanted: Looking for a French Bulldog female puppy
Published 27/10/16
French Bulldog Puppy Wanted in Manchester
hi I'm buying a Fawn dark disguise or red dark disguise woman 6 months to 18 months old KC listed girl.
Cavapoo Wanted: Looking for a Cavapoo puppy
Published 27/10/16
Cavapoo Puppy Wanted in Manchester
Will contemplate all prices. I will give you photographs to exhibit you how they're getting on. *** Note that I have joi...
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Wanted: Looking for a healthy King Charles Spaniel
Published 27/10/16
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Wanted in Manchester
Maybe not looking for a pup, around at least a year old. Hello, We are looking to buy/adopt a healthy King Charles Span...
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Wanted: Seekin for a male ruby cavalier king Charles puppy
Published 27/10/16
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Wanted in Bury
Looking a male ruby cavalier king Charles pet from Easter to provide the pet a caring home. Lacking our old little king...
Long hair cats Wanted: Looking for 8 week old kitten
Published 27/10/16
Long hair cats Wanted in Manchester
Ready to operate a vehicle the furthest to Liverpool. Preferably an 8 week old cat, Manchester or Stockport.
Rabbits Wanted: WANTED | rabbit hutch free if free willing to pay
Published 27/10/16
Rabbits Wanted in Manchester
i am after a rabbit hucth for my son as we have a rabbit coming next week and notting to put her in so if you can help p...
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